Our Machine & Equipment

Complementing our PRE-PRESS department is a modest array of print solution software and hardware. This includes photo quality digital printers and the latest computer-to-plate technology.

Polar 92X High Speed Cutter (Computer-controlled and programmable [36in])
Polar 115 Plus High Speed Cutter (Touch screen and programmable [45in])
Stahl KHC 78 Folding Machine
Stahl Quickfolder T-34 (35.5 x 50.8 cm) Folding Machine
Rosback Automatic Saddle Stitching Machine
Muller Gang Stitching Machine (2 Heads, 4 Stations)
Accura Brand PYQ Creasing & Cutting Machine (930mm x 760mm) (2 units)
Rosback Paper Drill
Lihit Paper Drill
Renz Punch/Bind Machine (4 units)
Rilecart Punch/Bind Machine
Semi-Automatic Eyelet Machine (5 units)
Cornering Machine
Excell Electronic Weighing Machine (4 units)
Fuji Electronic Weighing Machine (2 units)
Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrapping Equipment
– LSE-504 Semi-Auto L-Type Sealer
– ES-4005 Heat Shrink Tunnel